1000L personal water filter with logo printed

1000L personal water filter with logo printed

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Water Filter Straw Features:
This can purify river water, rain and lake water to be direct drinking water.
1. Compat: size as a pen

2. Light: weight is only 90g, lightest model is 15g.

3. Convenient: can drink directly after putting one end of straw into water
4. Safe: remove 99.99% of various parasites and bacteria
Your personal protection against diarrhoeal diseases.

Purification Steps:
1. Precise pre-iltering system can remove sediment, rust, algae, insects, dust and suspended pollutant in water.
2. A special contact sterilization medium – polyiodides resin. Which can thoroughly and effectively kill the Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella typhi Salmonella, cholera bacteria, Legionella bacteria in water. sterilization rate reach 99.99%, effectively prevent amebic dysentery and related intestinal disease infection, make you water more safety and health
3 Heavy metal nanoparticles can effectively remove dissolved harmful heavy metal ions in the water (lead, cadmium, chromium, arsenic, etc.) to eliminate heavy metal pollution in water, so you drink more at ease
4. Special multifunctional active carbon fiber can effectively reduce the turbidity of the water and remove bad taste and toxic substances, such as chlorine, three halogenated methane, organic chemical pollutants, and harmful substances, make water tasty.
5. High precision hydrophilic membrane with 0.01 microns filtration membrane is second times of sterilization, permanent hydrophilic, sterilization rate of 99.9999%, to ensure clean drinking water, more Safety.

Usable range: 
Personal water filter straw is necessary for travel, outdoor sports, fitness, camping, field exploration, emergency rescue, marching in underground mining and other outdoor activities.

1. please spit slobber first.
2. Do NOT use this water filter straw with salt water or chemical contaminated water.
3. Try to use in clear water, as muddy water will easily block the tube.
4. Avoid to use when water temperature is over 40 celsius degree.


Water Filter Straw Specification:

water filter straw
Model AWWF001
Color blue, green camouflage or customized
Water source fresh water such as lakes, rivers,   mountain or streams
Lifespan 1000L / one year
Feature Portable, Eco-friendly
Size L 250mm* Dia 27mm
Package 26.5*5.5*3cm
Weight NW 90/ GW120g

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