What every consumer should know to stay safe.

Aerosol cans contain liquid or gas propellant, packed under pressure. These cans can explode under certain conditions.
Full or partially filled cans are potentially dangerous, and may explode if exposed to heat or punctured, by compacting in a garbage truck, for example. Protect your waste hauler by properly disposing of aerosol cans.

Choose pump spray bottles as an alternative to aerosol cans.
Buy spray bottle products whenever possible. They reduce packaging waste and eliminate the possibility of explosion and fire.

Our WhooHoo-Clean Leather Care Line only uses spray bottles for products that are in liquid form. We care for our planet and people.

Suede Protector:

Foaming Saddle Soap:

Shoes Deodorant/Refresher:

Leather Cleaner and Conditioner in ONE:

Post time: 09-23-2016