It’s always a good idea to think out of the box in any SHTF situation. Common every day items like aluminum foil have many uses for preppers and survivalists alike :)

Here are a few that might come in handy in any apocalyptic pinch :)

1. Make your own tin foil hat! :)

2. Fold foil into an makeshift cup, pan, pot, bowl or plate.

3. Fire starter extender: cotton ball ( or dryer lint) plus petroleum jelly makes a great fire starter – place this combination on a piece of foil to greatly extend the power and life of your fire starter :)

4. Signal mirror

5. Pot scrubber or BBQ grill cleaner

6. Fire Reflector: to radiate more heat your way plus it helps shield your fire from observers

7. Sharpen scissors

8. Fix loose batteries – fold a small piece of foil and tuck it into the space between the coil and the battery

9. Protect tree trunks from deer etc – wrap foil around trunk.

10. Make a steam pouch or baking pouch to cook in or over camp fires.

11. Improvised frying pan with a Y shaped stick and foil wrapped across the top of the Y to make a flat surface to cook upon.

12. Foil reflector behind any light source like a candle or lantern will amplify the light.

13. Wrap matches in foil to keep them dry from sweat.

14. Make foil fishing lures: wrap foil around fish hook and fray the edges to simulate movement.

15. Make funnel out of foil.

16. Wind screen for alcohol stove or Coleman stove.

17. Impromptu lid

18. Makeshift antenna

19. Insulate Windows

So remember tin foil when packing your bug out bag – you never know how it just might come in handy :)

Please feel free to share more ideas or thoughts on the uses of tin foil in the comment section :) We all need new ideas! :)

For those concerned about aluminum foil and their food:

To your health, longevity and peace of mind,
The Healthy Prepper :-)

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Post time: 11-27-2017