TI-APEX Series Aluminum Tablet Stand by Spinido

The TI-APEX tablet stand has been a great addition to my desktop work area. The stand is made of a magnesium aluminum and has rubber protection to keep your tablet or smartphone from getting scratched. It has a minimalist design and cable management is a breeze. Not much more you can say other than the stand is solid and comes in different colors. The quality and workmanship is spot on with no sharp edges. Thank you Spinindo for sending me this stand to review.

I have reviewed many Spinindo products, I choose to contact them after buying an iPhone stand. I was so impressed with there product I wanted to review more. I take my reviewing very seriously and will always give an honest review after all it’s my credibility and name on the line. Thank you for reading this review or watching my product review video.

iPad dock, Spinido® TI-APEX Series Magnesium-aluminium Alloy Tablet iPad Stand With All iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab


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Post time: 11-29-2017