Induction Cap Sealing Machine model YX-500 is a table top automatic induction sealing machine.
The induction cap sealer seals an aluminum foil across the periphery of the container/jar mouth to give a temper proof sealing. Air tight Induction sealing increases the self life of the product in the container.
On the processing line Bottles/Jar are first filled with the product and then the plastic cap containing an aluminium foil liner is put on the Bottle/jar which is then placed on the conveyor of the machine. The induction sealer transmits electromagnetic energy to the foil liner, generating hear and seals the foil around the periphery of the jar
Salient Feature
- Portable Hand held device
- Simple to operate Material Sealed/ Use:- Aluminium Foil Seal on PP, HDPE, LDPE, Jars, Cans Plastic Cups, PET Jars
- Seal Width:- Upto 10 meters/min
- Available from 20mm Diameter to 100 mm dia
- No direct Heat Transfer on Cap
- Sealing based on Electromagnetic Induction wave
- Adjustable Time
- High Speed with Accurate Sealing

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Post time: 11-18-2017