Soudronic ABM 150 Aerosol Can Making Line 1 for the production of 65mm differentially necked three piece aerosol cans.
- Actual production speed up to 160 cpm
- Previously employed with 0.19mm DR tinplate
- See pictures of sheet layout drawings
- Krupp duplex slitter with sheet feeder, blank stacker, double sheet detector, and fitted with 1st op. mechanical hubs and 2nd op. hydraulic hubs and power pack
- Digital read-out (DRO) cutter setting system
Cutter grinder
- Soudronic ABM 150E welder with rotary frequency converter rated for 380V 50Hz power supply
- Overhead welder take-off conveyor
- ICS Water chiller
- High level can accumulation system
- Lanico 326BFD (1994) necker/flanger/seamer with Imeta tooling
- Lanico BFD 280AE necker/flanger/seamer with Imeta tooling
- MFB GLT-300-1 in-line vacuum tester
- Ocme fully automatic palletiser with pallet magazine and layer pad feeder, PLC based electrical control system and ADPAK stretch wrap system
- Taken out of production late 2012 but still installed and can be demonstrated running
- Available immediately

Post time: 09-25-2016