Future Coat Technology, Kerala (India) manufacturers of all types of electroplating equipment & chemicals.

Now introducing the latest technology of spray coating substituting traditional electroplating systems.

Silver Spray Metallizing Machine is the latest REVOLUTIONARY water based coating system which has a set of equipment with dual spray guns and chemicals. The coating system is very simple to apply on any materials such as Wood, Metal, Glass, Plastic, Rubber, Fibreglass, Ceramic, Stone, Plaster, Clay, Polystyrene etc and produces a mirror like chrome finishes on almost any kind of surface. It is a kind of highly developed technology of spray coating substituting traditional electroplating technology with its distinct characters of no heavy metal. Not only, you get a Gold finish look also there are Silver, Chrome, Blue, Green, Bronze, Violet and many more color finish available. This type of coating system is used in where conventional plating technologies are unsuitable due to cost, size, design, substrate or environmental issues. The system is currently used in almost all types of production line and decorative applications. It has maximum mobility and uses a very little space of the workshop.


1) Profit potential
2) No size limitation
3) Applicable to almost any substrate — like plastic, polyurethane foam, metal, wood, fibre, glass, Styrofoam, gypsum, ceramic, etc.
4) Have excellent physical characters of climate resistance, adhesiveness and water resistance
5) A wide range of metalized recent colors
6) Environmentally safe alternative water based process with no toxic metals.

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Post time: 12-05-2017