So this is a piece of artwork my brother and I created a few years ago when we were doing classes at Ranar in El Segundo. We took it to a trade show at least once and set it up but didn’t print much due to the booth traffic. This past week I had a student come in for some multi-color screen printing training and we set this 4 color spot and dot up together. This design has butt/butt registration but it’s not that hard to register on press. The design has 4 colors; yellow, blue, red, and black. It was specifically designed for white textiles. In this video we do a test print and then examine the print close up discussing it with some detail. This provides for some insight on how to print a job like this where we have spot colors and halftones which mix to create gradient colors in flowers. We also have a blue screen that depicts the colors of water going from a deep royal blue to a very light powder blue. This design is an example of how you can add a little bit of halftones to a standard spot color print and make it a much more complex piece of art without making the printing more difficult. Enjoy the video!

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