Screen Printing vs Direct To Garment

0:01 – Intro
0:09 – Today’s video I want to go over the pro’s and con’s of screen printing vs direct to garment printing.
0:15 – This could be a 2-3 hour video because there are so many things I could go into about each process.
0:37 – (Slides Beginning)
0:54 – If you don’t know what direct to garment is, it is basically a printer that is modified to give it the ability to spray water-base ink on to a t-shirt.
1:23 – Direct to Garment (DTG) pro’s and con’s slide.
6:53 – Screen Printing pro’s and con’s slide.
12:40 – Screen printing vs Direct to Garment conclusion slide.
12:45 – If you have a small quantity of shirts, a design with lots of colors, you need them quick or you want to have print on demand capabilities and you don’t care about longevity or durability of the print, then use Direct to Garment.
13:01 – If you have large quantity of shirts, want to use specialty inks, need a special print location and you care about longevity or durability of the print, then use Screen Printing.
13:18 – MoodyTees™ has a strict policy vs quantity, and this is why we strictly use Screen Printing for our process. We have also developed and mastered CMYK printing which allows us to print unlimited colors in any design, which eliminates the need for the use of DTG. As tee shirt lovers we want our shirts and the prints to last for decades. Being old school tee shirt fanatics we will always use the longest lasting printing technique of Screen Printing.
13:54 – In the end ask yourself “Do you want a microwaved meal, or a nice home baked meal?” A quote from Moody’s mentor D. Harmon.
14:26 – Hope those tips helped you out and I hoped you learned something about screen printing and direct to garment printing.

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Post time: 09-12-2016