Since 2007, Kensington Return-It Depot has been present in the community by collecting refundable beverage containers from OUC, Verdant, and University Highlands Elementary. Funds raised through this program has help support community activities and events, such as those organized by the SFU Scouts Group, the University Highlands Elementary and the Burnaby Mountain Residents Association.

The main aims of the refundable recycling program are twofold:
1- Encourage proper recycling of refundable beverage containers in UniverCity stratas,
2- Generate money to support strata and community events.

To implement this program a recycling receptacle is fitted into the garbage room. It holds four bags for different recycling materials; aluminum cans, plastic bottles, glass bottles and drink boxes. This infrastructure is provided by Return-It. Additional visual signage to define each recycling stream is available, but can be streamlined for your building.

This system facilitates the collection of refundables, the removal of “rogue” items, and prevent volunteers from fishing out refundables from City recycling totes.

Every week, collected beverage containers are bagged, labeled and prepared for pick up. Kensington Return-It Depot, sends a truck up the mountain to pick up containers from a predetermined area in the building. Then, Return-It takes care of sorting out and crediting the deposit refunds to your strata’s online account.
Lastly the strata can turn those refunds into cash, gift cards, or a charitable donation.
Implementation of this program requires commitment and ongoing supervision by volunteer residents. Frequent monitoring is necessary as rogue items need to be redirected into City recycling totes, or to the garbage container. Since garbage rooms are small and there is little space for extra recycling bins, it is suggested to consider relocating a City container into the visitors parking lot. OUC and Verdant have taken this approach which works very well.

A by product of running this program is that building’s garbage rooms stop being dirty and messy. Because the ongoing supervision of returnables any garbage dumping is timely reported to the building manager for immediate removal. After few months running the program residents start collaborating into sorting returnables properly and keeping garbage rooms clean.

Post time: 11-21-2017