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All in one Automatic batch coding machine for bigger size cartons, pouches, labels etc.
max size of carton/label/pouch: 16inch x 8inch
speed: up to 120/180/250 cycles per min
print media: rubber letters/stereo
ink: paste ink or liquid ink fast drying
other optional: counter, inkjet printing, inspection system etc

Working and features:

Automatic feeding by slant magazine allows labels to a polished stainless steel feed wheel, The Label is picked up by rubber and it is fed to a timing chain, which carries the label under the printing head.
Printing head is having a type block where individual types can be composed, or rubber stereos can be fixed on a block of half cylinder piece. No make ready or skill is involved, as the rubber backup cylinder evens out the impression.
Oscillating distributor roller spreads ink evenly shaded unbroken, fully to the ink roll.
All shafts of Stainless Steel materials, rotate in sintered bronze bushing (oil-less bushes). Other major parts are also stainless steel material.

Post time: 09-08-2016