Small Important People was our original company name. provided children’s craft and games birthday parties. In 2009, they purchased their own personalised balloon printing machine enabling them to customise the childrens party with printed balloons. Names and ages can now be printed onto the personalised balloon. This video displays the balloon printing process to produce a text onto a balloon. The print process is called silk screen printing. A silk screen template is made. Ink is added and the screen is locked into the printer. After inflating the balloon and placing it correctly into position, the printer squashes the balloon to create a flattened service. Ink is forced through the silk screen template to transfer ink into the right place onto the newly created personalised balloon. The balloons are then dried, shrunk and heated. The company separated in 2010 and now the balloons and printing process fall under the new name of get balloons printed UK ( we now provide printed balloons, balloon decorator, personalised banners printed ribbon and other custom products. The Video was left here on youtube due to it’s popularity gaining aver 30000 hits in it’s first four years.

Post time: 09-16-2016