This video was filmed on Oct 12 outside Ithaca NY , The chemical jets never stopped spraying us today , this is getting all to common here , i document the devistation of the man made weather here as you can see by my videos the weather is impacted often , SUN DIMMING is effecting all life on our planet. these heavy metal chemicals are being sprayed on us at a horrifing rate now – we must WAKE THE PEOPLE UP TO THESE CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY .

THE Terrorism continues today , the crimes against humanity are getting worse globally , they have amped up the chemtrail program once again from videos’ ,pictures & testimony around the globe we are all under chemical attacks , more & more people are reporting being sick from this shit and the shepeople still sleep & dont recognize what is happening right in front of them, when their governemnt is killing them with weather modification , slow kill chemicals etc… . HORRIFYING how they cant see what is going on right above their stupid faces .

Following are symptoms commonly associated with chemtrails:

•Sinus pain
•Muscle pain
•Joint pain
•Frequently cracking joints
•Anger issues
•Inability to concentrate
•Looping thoughts or songs
•Salty-metallic taste to the air
•Chemical taste to the air
•Ringing in the ears
•Changes in eyesight
•Near or farsightedness
•Upper respiratory infections
•Elevated blood pressure
•Accelerated heart beat
•Heart pain
•Skipping heart beats
•Shortness of breath
•Loss of balance
•Dark circles under the eyes
•Stomach pain
•Frequent illness
•Difficulty achieving deep sleep
•Vivid or restless dreams

These symptoms are being experienced by a rapidly-growing number of people around the world. They are commonly associated with the appearance of chemtrails & aluminum and barium toxicity.

HAARP :::::
Geoengineering — Global Weather Modification

Humans have been manipulating the weather for a very long time. Rain makers have a history going back to the ancients. What has happened, however, is that, this time, there has been a deliberate and secret agenda of massive global harm directly connected to covertly changing our natural weather and subjecting all of us to continous and grave harm. This heinous alteration was created by the elites [their other names include: the cabal, illuminati, NWO, or the wealthy government insiders, ptb-powers that be] to maintain secret control of: global finances; food growing and production (including harm through toxic food additives, poisonous chemicals, pesticides and GMOs); health [actually a lack of it, due to this multi-pronged assault on us]; and a controlled educational system closely tied to government and media dis-information. This is well documented. It affects everyone and all aspects of our lives.

Since 1996, the US Air Force is on record with their public document: “Owning the Weather in 2025.”(4) That any organization can think that they can “own” Mother Nature’s forces, about which very little is actually known, is staggering in its hubris and sheer malevolence.

When a country controls the weather, it then can be manipulated to cause extreme droughts [as are now going on these past few months throughout southern California], hurricanes, floods, tornadoes [HAARP-induced in Oklahoma], and other kinds of chaotic and extreme weather conditions that most people do not realize was not a natural event.

Post time: 09-05-2016