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NoventĀ® Locking Refrigerant Caps are Code Compliant* that seal standard Schraeder service valves on A/C units and minisplits to help prevent refrigerant leakage. The caps safeguard A/C system efficiency due to the loss of refrigerant gases and help prevent accidental mixing of refrigerant gases. The caps also prevent serious injury or death caused by inhalation of dangerous refrigerants. Novent locking caps can be unlocked with a unique key only available to licensed A/C contractors, making it difficult for non-professionals to access the refrigerant

Rectorseal Novent Locking CapsFeatures & Benefits:

One simple, screw-on installation
Protects from refrigerant theft
Protects children and reduces liability
Color coded & embossed ID prevent refrigerant gas mixing
Silver universal caps w/ adhesive labels for other refrigerants
Surrounded by a protective aluminum shroud
Torque limiter prevents over-tightening
Resists crushing & removal without key

*Effective February 2009, the International Mechanical Code and International Residential Code now require that all outdoor ports on refrigerant circuits be made tamper resistant.

Post time: 12-01-2017