Experiment #217: Spray Paint
(Season Five Finale)

(Rated G) Have you ever wondered what happens when you put a can of spray paint in the microwave? Well, click this video to find out! I guarantee you will NOT be disappointed. It IS my season finale so there will be a lot of pomp and circumstance about it, perhaps too much, so you may prefer to cut straight to the experiment, plus I’m a bit heavy-handed with the disclaimers. If so, go to 4:27. It takes awhile to get going, but it’s worth it in the end. What it does isn’t what you expect, but in a way cooler because you can sit back and enjoy it happening more that way than if it was just a sudden BANG! If you follow my show, you know I love to blow stuff up in the microwave.. And what’s better than microwaving a big huge giant aerosol can until it breathes fire?

For the longest time, you’ve wanted to see me do something highly dangerous and explosive, something crazy and reckless, and above all, something to break the slump of season five’s disappointing experiments, so I figured why not turn to another aerosol can, since they’re my go-to item for an awesome show. Microwaving spray paint is by far the most dangerous thing I’ve done to this point, I have no idea how the door didn’t kick open. I was debating on whether or not to microwave spray paint or microwave Lysol, but I decided on spray paint since it coats the microwave in cool colours. This was even better than the silly string, the whole inside of the microwave was on fire, it made the printer cartridges look like a lit candle by comparison. Fire was soon shooting out of the bottom, then it burned a hole through the door, then shot fire out the side vent and back (you can’t see that very well because of the low angle of the camera). Visibility of the spray paint in the first half of the microwaving is minimal, but let’s be honest, you don’t care about that, you care about the explosion. Well, fire entirely engulfed the microwave and even shut it off. I thought Lindsay had died after that infamous click sound, but I tested her out today and somehow she still works, despite having had fire shoot out of her in all directions. It looks like Lindsay might be kept around after all to blow up a champagne bottle in season six. Not old crusty Jareth, right now I wouldn’t even trust him to blow up an egg or even a little packet of soy sauce at this rate. So he might not be returning.

Let’s be honest, season five has been a dud. After the works bomb, it all went downhill fast from there. I’m so happy with how this experiment turned out that I feel like it redeemed season five to the point that the leaky drinks that were supposed to blow up don’t even matter. I was surprised that the door didn’t kick open, and I was kinda hoping it would, even if it meant the possibility of a massive fireball in my face that could kill me, but the spray paint can was still leaky afterwards, the top was impacted in. I was really hoping for it to catch fire quicker, so I had to cheat and add tinfoil. Believe it or not, it was microwaved for 45 minutes before it caught fire. But it was worth the wait, it looked like I microwaved some gasoline. I even cooled the can off with a HydroSonic Boom Blaster knock off (AKA garden hose). Each season finale gets better and this was my best yet! One could even argue it as the best spray paint video yet. It wasn’t the biggest flare-up ever, but fire did shoot out the side, back, bottom, and door of the microwave, and the flare-up kept going for almost three minutes. It is, IMHO, better than the original spray paint episode of “Is It A Good Idea To Microwave This?” as well as dovetastic’s spray paint video, and almost as good as the second one Jon and Jory did. It’s also more clear and longer lasting than the one Woody did a year ago.

This experiment was extremely dangerous and is by far the most reckless thing I’ve done and the second deadliest thing I’ve ever done, second only to the CFL bulb. DO NOT ATTEMPT this experiment at home. Doing so equals instant house fire. However, this was my most fun season finale ever. I really enjoyed everything about this episode but the wait for it to go off, but it was worth it, much like standing in line at Disneyland to ride the rides. This is also the most extreme aerosol can reaction I’ve had so far, the silly string and Axe can in cooking oil have NOTHING on this. It’s no airbag, but it’s still one of the coolest videos on the net. As I see it, you can’t call yourself a real microwave show until you’ve finally microwaved a lava lamp, gasoline, spray paint, or an airbag, and I just did spray paint. Season six will begin in very late June or very early July with a bunch of really crazy July 4 specials. Look forward to it very soon! Season 5 of Microwave me is filmed with a high-tech state of the art digital camcorder and stars host and producer Matthew Villani as Captain Microwave and for this episode, a Proctor-Silex microwave named Lindsay.

Post time: 10-23-2016