***!!!WATCH ON THE CAUSES OF DARK UNDERARMS PART 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0pnSNrDiCKU & on my experience how to get rid of dark underarms over a year ago.

***TIP: Give your underarm pores a month to release ALUMINUM chemical to see/feel the efficacy of natural deodorant.

Many viewers asked about which natural deodorant brand to try? Well, they are twice the price compared to aluminum deodorant, and not the best variety of formulas/scent for each skin type.

I decided to make my own natural deodorant since I use a lot of coconut oil on a daily basis for my hair and skin care. Also, I can change up the scent with natural essential oils that have therapeutic effects too! This video shows how to make deodorant that is chemical free and you can always adjust the recipe to your preference.
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What’s on my nails and lips? Ilamasqua nail polish in Purity in the beggining og the video. Middle if the video nails were Sephora OPI nail polish in Hippo to Be Square and Sonia Kashuk lip liner in Hibiscus.

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♥Materials Used can be purchased at the Drugstore and Grocery Store to make 3-4 full size deodorants:
-1/3 Cup of Coconut Oil (Can be found at the vitamin or cooking area of a store)
-1/4 to 1/3 Cup of Corn Starch (Found in the baking section of a grocery store) or Baby Powder to absorb Sweat
-1/4 to 1/3 Cup of Baking Soda to absorb odor (Use less if you have sensitive skin)
-Optional: 1 Tsp of Vitamin E Oil or Grape Seed Oil from the Drugstore to extend the storage shelf life from 2 months to 8-10 months.
-Optional: 5 to 10 Drops of Essential oil or Body Safe Fragrance Oil for scent
-Spoon to mix
-Measuring Spoon
-Heat: Candle or Stove Top. If you use a microwave then melt wax in a microwave safe container.
-Container: Recycle deodorant or empty clean container

Routine of products I use:
-Dove exfoliating bar of soap to wash and to shave with
-Gillette Fusion men’s razor
-Generic Olay Complete Facial Moisturizer

Post time: 11-22-2017