Length 4350 mm
Width 1950 mm
Height 1120 mm
Weight 4650 kg
Power consumption 3 kW
Height adjustment of the beds max. 10 mm
Printing size max. 720 x 1040 mm
Paper size max. 760 x 1060 mm
Plate size max. 820 x 1070 mm

The FAG-KORREX 2000 is equipped with all required safety devices and is safety-approved by the German Inspectoriate for the Printing and Paper Industry.

The massive, absolutely distortion-free construction permits transport and installation of the complete machine on site.
Installation and commissioning can therefore be carried out in one day.

The future demands more dynamism, precision and adaptability from the repro industry. We have pooled our resources to offer you this in the best proof press ever constructed in Germany, for efficient and economical proofing.

The machine can print on all types of material let it be Tin Sheet, Aluminium sheet, Glass, Paper, Plastic or Carton.

Post time: 09-10-2016