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Ryonet’s CTS version of our FX LED Exposure Unit combines the advanced power and efficiency of our single source LED with the best screen imaging technology available.

CTS or computer to screen, also known as DTS or direct to screen is taking the industry by storm for larger production screen printing shops. The ability to image your positive directly to the screen provides the ultimate positive contact and increases the capture of detail onto the screen mesh. Without need for glass or a vacuum, exposure times decrease and efficiency is maximized.

The FX LED CTS uses unique slide rails to enable for screens any size up to 30×38” inches od.

Simply slide the rails into position, place the screen onto the frame, and close the lid to protect the area around it.

The FX LED CTS smart application allows you to set the vacuum time to 0 and pre-progr am exposure times, simply select the appropriate time or set manually, and hit start to expose your screen.

With the CryoCoat Photopolymer emulsion, we are literally exposing a screen from start to finish in under 10 seconds, talk about maximizing efficiency.

Compared to other CTS exposure units, the FX LED only uses 450 watts of high powered UV light optimized the exposure of emulsion. This means we expose faster with less power than comparable 1200-6000 watt bulbs.

The detail achieved with this exact exposure is incredible as you can see from the half tone dot retention under the loop.

The CTS can be upgraded or converted to a traditional vacuum with a few components and a vacuum unit can be converted to a CTS with the addition of a slide rail.

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Post time: 11-15-2017