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Imagine achieving the look and feel of discharge without printing discharge. With Ryonet’s new RyoCharge Plastisol Ink Additive you can simply add 50% of RyoCharge additive, mix in the activator and now you’re printing with a hybrid plastisol discharge ink. RyoCharge works great with Ryonet’s RyOpaque Plastisol inks because of the high concentration of pigment in that ink. Check out more reasons to add RyoCharge to your ink arsenal.

Step 1: Mix the RyoCharge one to one with plastisol (50/50). Stir until the ink and RyoCharge mixed throughly and have a even consistency. Do not use high speed mixers that can heat the ink and cure it in the container.
Step 2: Add the agent 3 to 6% by weight to the plastisol/ RyoCharge mixture and stir in until completely dissolved into the ink. Once the ink is mixed it has a pot life of up to 24 hours. Only mix what you you will use for current production.

Printing Instructions:
Force the ink into the substrate, with heavy squeegee pressure. Print wet on wet without flash curing. The true color of the garment will not show completely until cured. On long print runs spray (mist) the screen with water to help the ink viscosity if you see drying.

Cure at a minimum of 90 seconds at 320° F (160° C) to activate the discharge agent to get a washable print. Evaporating the water to quickly will stop the discharge reaction and result in dull colors.

Post time: 10-13-2016