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First, we need to get these wheels as clean as possible so the paint we apply to them sticks permanently.

I’ll first wet the wheel, then spray on some of our Eazy Wheels acid-based wheel cleaner [show bottle to camera]

I’ll let that dwell for about 20 seconds and pressure wash it off.

I’ll probably need to repeat the process, and scrub with steel wool if necessary.

Please be sure to use rubber gloves when handling EZ Wheels.

[Wet wheel with pressure washer, apply EZ Wheels. Wait 20 sec., pressure wash. Repeat as necessary. Use steel wool if needed]

Now if you’re restoring painted wheels you would simply scuff them with a grey pad like this [show grey scuff pad to camera] then apply your paint [show preval sprayer w/ silver paint] and then your clearcoat [show clear coat].

But because these are bare aluminum wheels with no paint surface, we must first sand them with 220 grit sandpaper [show sandpaper], then aply primer [show primer] then apply silver paint [show preval sprayer w/ silver paint] and finally apply cleaer coat [show clear coat].

Sand with firm pressure, being sure to sand the entire face of the wheel, even deep in the spokes. [sand the entire face of the wheel]

Clean the wheel surface with wax and grease remover. [clean wheel]

Now mask off the tire. I prefer to insert playing cards between the wheel and tire. [insert playing cards]

Cover up your brake rotors with a bit of masking paper. [insert masking paper behind wheels]

Apply primer in multiple light coats [spray multiple light layers of primer].

I’ve waited 20 minutes for the primer to dry, and I’m going to smooth it down with 600 grit wet sandpaper. [wetsand wheel surface with 600 grit paper]

Wipe dry. Now spray multiple light coats of silver wheel paint [spray wheel paint].

It’s a good habit to rotate your wheels a few times by driving the car backwards or forwards a few feet so you can see if you’ve missed any important spots. [drive car forward about 12 inches].

Once you’ve allowed your silver wheel paint to dry for 5 minutes, apply your clear coat in multiple light coats [apply clear coat]

In about 10 minutes, your clear coat is dry and you can remove your playing cards and masking paper [remove masking paper and playing cards].


Post time: 09-04-2016