How to start a fire with an aluminium soda can or beer tin or whatever. And the SUN, obviously.
You can use all sorts of cool things as a rubbing paste to polish the bottom of the can. Like chocolate or toothpaste. In a survival situation, it would depend on what you had to hand. In truth, you don’t NEED anything as a rubbing compound, it just speeds things up. You could simply use your T-shirt, saliva, elbow grease and patience.
Human nature being what it is, litter is everywhere, even in some of the remotest places on earth. Even the indigenous peoples of Amazonia represent an attractive target to the advertising executives of the Coca Cola corporation. Or maybe some gold prospecting company sent an engineer into the highlands of Papua New Guinea. And that guy drank a beer after a long day in the hot sun. Because aluminium (or Aluminum, if you’re American) forms a layer of Aluminium Oxide at the surface that forms a protective layer against further corrosion, discarded cans tend to stick around for a long time. Your chances of finding one next to a road or hiking trail are pretty good in almost any part of the world.
There are a few videos here on YouTube and elsewhere on the internet that purport to show you how to do this, but most of them have clearly been faked. Including the “Howcast” one. And I’m pretty sure that Canadian uber-super SurvivorMan Les Stroud faked his attempt in the Kalahari desert too. I should do a rebuttal video to that one.
I know that I already have a video up here showing you how to do this, but a lot of people were complaining about having to watch me messing around and having fun and making jokes and talking about all the science involved etc etc. Received a bunch of youtube comments on other videos along the lines of “Stop effing talking and just show us the effing trick”. So here it is. Enjoy.
Make fire without matches or a lighter. Solar power at your fingertips. 101 Ways to Make Fire youtube different methods ways techniques tutorial lighting a fire starting fire starter how to show how do i you and lots of other different search terms i cant think of any more at the moment but will be back, probably.
This is a non lol video, bascially just an advert for the longer ones. Impress your friends and babes (or ladies, if you prefer). Not that chicks are actually impressed by stuff like this… very sad.
Adult supervision is required when making fires don’t try this at home unless you’re an adult or have one handy.

Post time: 09-20-2016