Here’s my how to video on making a printing press on a shoe string budget , roughly £25 or $40 or €70 and about an hour of your time.
You will need 4 metres of (3 an a half by 1 an a half Inch) dry wall beam wood.
3 metres of (1 inch by 2 inch) roofer’s batton wood.
2 x self taping 4 inch wood bolts.
25 x 2 inch Phillips screws.
20 x 2 inch cabinet pins/nails.
10 x 3 inch nails.
1 x 18 inch length of “L” shaped steel.
2 x Garden gate return springs.
1 x (3 an a half inch or 4 inch) Door hinge.
And 5 inch’s of threaded steel bar an 2 x 13mm nuts to go on each end of it.
2 x “G” clamps from a pound shop or dollar store ( or a hardware store like B&Q or Home depot.

Post time: 11-01-2016