You can cut the bottom off wine bottles and recycle them into attractive wind chime bells. This video will show you how using basic household tools. You CAN do this! I cut the star out of copper flashing. You can buy sheet copper but it’s very expensive. Try to find a copper shop that makes copper gutters or installs copper roofs. Upper end houses often have copper roof over a porch or bay window. IF you can find the guy who does that he will probably sell you a scrap for not too much. You could also use aluminum flashing from any large home store such as Home Depot or Lowes or a well stocked hardware store. Finally you can use corks and hot glue to make a “flag” out of corks. Make it triangle or any shape that suits you. You could even cut a star out of a flattened tin can and just paint it a pretty color. Guess I need to make a little video of how to make the star one day…..

Post time: 11-22-2017