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The Dee Zee Red Label Single Lid Crossover Tool Box comes in Black or Brite diamond plate aluminum. It has a low profile design with a single lid and extra wide deep boxes. The Dee Zee toolbox has dampened gas shocks to easy opening and closing.Check out our
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How to Install Dee Zee Truck Bed Tool Box

Video Transcription:
Narrator: Of all the ways we add more life to your truck, the Dee Zee crossover tool box might be our most popular one because there’s so much room to store everything you need for work and play. One of these would sure look great in your truck.

So here’s a quick tip to make sure you don’t scratch your truck when you install it. We supply two sets of foam tape to prevent scratching. Just peel off the backing, then place the foam gaskets on the back of the tool box and trim it flush with the ends of the tool box on both sides. And you’ll have all the padding you need to do the rest without a scratch.

The rest of the installation is pretty easy too. Place the tool box in the back of your truck bed, and make sure there is plenty of clearance between the lid and the window. The tool box comes with our standard J-bolts, or you can upgrade to our premium option. To install the J-bolts, you’ll want to ensure that the one scratch tool box is centered.

And then locate and mark the mounting hole locations for the J-bolts, centered inside the toolbox and near the lip of the truck bed rail. Drill the holes with a three-eighths drill bit. Then secure the tool box to the bed with the J-bolts, flat washers, and hex nuts using a nine-sixteenth wrench or ratchet. Now your truck bed has room for dozens of tools. And it doesn’t have even.

Post time: 12-02-2017