we built a cannon tube by welding a steel plate on one end of a steel pipe, then we stacked logs all around it and let it burn for a while. once the fire was going good and hot, we dropped a variety of aerosol spray cans into the pipe and waited for them to explode and launch out of the pipe (cannon). we had it angled over cedar creek lake (Texas) so that anything coming out would land out in the water. we tried to be as safe as possible considering the activity. I was filming from behind a tree most of the time just incase. we did not attempt to blow up an either can, I was concerned it might be to much considering there were houses close by. most of the cans were empty and just stuff that was collected over the years as the contents inside the cans was used up. so, I’m sure the explosions were very small compared to what a full can would have done. a few of the cans of spray paint did have some paint inside.

Post time: 10-04-2016