Description :

• To seal plugs of plastic containers, bottles, jars, jerry cans.
• Heat sealing of plastic plug done in simplest way on this machine.
• The operation is accompanied by hand operated lever.
• The heating pad can be easily altered to suitable size of plastic containers.
• Thermostat to adjust according to the thickness of plastic containers.
• Maintenance is very simple.
• The machine is supplied with complete electric fittings accessories.
• Direct surface heat transfer is used.

Technical Details :
• Ceramic type heater is used of 5 inch diameter.
• Speed 20 to 40 Seals/min.
• The thermostat control of 500 W power is used.
• The thermostat control for temperature setting and auto power cut-off-once the desired temperature level is reached.
• Machine height can be adjusted for different sizes of containers (Standard model : 1.5 Feet) can be increased as per demand.
• High quality powder coating and heavy steel chromium finished parts are used.

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Post time: 10-25-2016