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Edible oil bottle leak tester pesticide bottle leakage checking machine
precise air blowing container leak detector
PG bottle/pot leak detection equipment widely applies to industries in food,medicine, medical instrument, chemical, the gas spray pot,plastic container and the automobile, motorcycle parts.ultrasonic welding production line examination is also the important equipment by Which the quality safty supervision department use for spot-check and leak detection to drugs and food

Main feature as follows:
1High precision; High stability: able to detect any tiny and important leak
2Easy to operate: PLC procedure from The central control room and the man-computer interface operation can store up set values of multiple and different types of products. Thus its easy to recall and switchover when detecting different products
3nondestructive examination: Does not need the operator to explain
4Has two kind of systems:the manual control system and the high speed on-line system
5Enhance production efficiency; cut wastage;cost savings
6The detection object include the empty bottle/pot and after filling bottle/pot
7detectable sizes from 5 milliliters to 220 litres of plastic containers
8High speed on-line leak detection: The PG quickest equipment may achieve 36,000 bottles/hour, are in the leading superiority in the world
9Individuality design: All models can be custom-made according to the product characteristic and customer requirement.
10excellent cost performance.

Compact structure, simple and flexible to operate, running stably and
energy-saving In accordance with different requirements, the testing heads installation can be vertical and oblique to meet the needs of different products.
production speed: 1700-2000 bottles/hour
conveyor heightadjustment capacity: 800mm-1100mm
Especially designed for high-volume bottles by Adopting reduction voltage
circuit design to meet the needs of different requirements.

Post time: 11-20-2017