The so called “Yellow Jello” ink gelling problem was reproted by me initially and it occurs ONLY when you refill the Original CLI-42 Yellow Cart with Precisioncolors Yellow ink.
SO… this would be pertinent to only those who are thinking about moving from OEM CANON PRO-100 CLI-42 inks to the 3rd party Precisioncolors Ink set.
The BEST practice is to refill a pre flushed and modified CLI-8 cart with the yellow PC ink and swap the CLI-42 Yellow chip to it!
So do you have to do the same with other canon Printer when switching to PC inks?
Absolutely not.
This phenomenon only affects the CANON PRO-100 CLI-42 YELLOW cart.
So if you have a PRO-10 or Other CANON PRO model, this does not apply to those!

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Post time: 11-11-2017