Desktop continuous induction sealing machine,aluminum foil continuous sealer for plastic bottle
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1.stainless steel
2.suit for bottle dia. 15~45mm 30-60mm
3.bottle height:20~180mm
4.type of colling:air cooling
Desktop continuous induction sealing machine

Equipment introduction :

1.automatic aluminum foil sealing machine in electromagnetic induction aluminum foil sealing machine series is a high end

products.The products power of switching power supply can be manual adjustment, equipped with digital display thermometer,

Senior AC adjustable speed motor performance is reliable, stable conveying

2.automatic aluminum foil sealing machine has a closed loop variable speed system, intelligent induction switch ,Intelligent transportation products, automatic detection and diagnosis, the air-cooled, four seasons.


This machine use the principle of electromagnetic induction, the bottle of aluminum foil on the instantaneous generation of high

fever, and then the fusion in the bottle mouth, make its reach the function of sealing, with good moistureproof, mouldproof, anti-counterfeiting effect, have extended the purpose of items save cycle. Is the medicine, the agricultural chemicals, food, the

cosmetics, the lubricating oil and so on the profession ideal packaging equipment. The container material can be polyethylene

(PE), gather together (PP), c polyester (PET), polystyrene (PS), ABS and glass, ceramics, etc.

Post time: 11-17-2017