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Decopak specializes in custom bottle coatings and decorating glass, plastic and aluminum containers.
Decopak expertise included custom bottle frosting including lacquered, frosted and glossy coatings on plastic and glass containers. We are the only company in Canada with the technology to liquid coat containers made of PET, PP, PS, HDPE and LDPE. Decopak is the industry leader in the development of green technologies for glass frosted bottle coatings without the use of acids
Custom bottle printing with screen printing on plastic, glass, and metal containers designed for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food, home maintenance products, as well as beer, wine and spirits
Decopak is a Canadian leader in the application of natural, colorful finishes and coatings to glass and plastic containers. Decopak’s years of experience in silk screening on glass, metal and plastic and in ceramic printing have gained the company an industry reputation for quality. We have decoration applications for all types of custom bottle products and surfaces including plastic, glass, metal and ceramics.

Post time: 11-28-2017