Compressed Deodorant Cans Contain Same Quantity with Less Packaging
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Unilever – United Kingdom

Unilever’s revolutionary compressed aerosol deodorant cans benefit the consumers, environment, and retailers. The smaller cans — which contain the same amount of product and offer consumers the same amount of protection as the previous cans — mark the first major packaging reduction initiative for aerosol deodorants since they were introduced in the 1960s. These cans feature a re-engineered spray system that uses a reduced amount of propellants to deliver the same amount of deodorant with each spray. Typically, a reduction in propellants would result in increased blockage and decreased performance. However, the new spray system allows the smaller cans to work just as well and last as long as the previous cans but with improved environmental impact.

The compressed cans are convenient and portable for use on the go. The new size of the cans (75ml) meets airport regulations, allowing the deodorant to be carried onto planes. Despite containing the same amount of product as before, the compressed deodorant cans are now considered “travel-sized.” The new spray system also offers a softer spray, further enhancing the consumer appeal.

These cans are also more environmentally friendly. They use on average 25 percent less aluminum and 50% less gas per can. The smaller packaging also reduces transport requirements throughout the supply chain, including being able to store up to 53 percent more cases per pallet which enables up to 35 percent reduction of delivery trucks on the road. The number of cans that can be placed on store shelves can increase by as much as 45 percent.

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Post time: 10-12-2016