Documentation of today’s aerosol spraying. Many of the trails in this video were sprayed in another location and drifted across the sky to where my cameras were stationed. Chemtrails are used not only for Geo-engineering, but for human experimentation, cloud seeding, population control/reduction, etc…
This video was taken on March 23rd, 2013 in Virginia, USA. Since a few years back i started to notice persistent trails that lasted for hours and expanded to white-out the sky.
Even though i was very young at the time i knew something was very wrong, the sky should not look this way.
Aluminum related illness is at an all time high and still growing. Species extinction rates are exponentially increasing, we should not be so intentionally harmful to other living beings. I will be recording every day and posting when there is sufficien data, stay tuned.
Until next time, Stay safe, Stay well, and God Bless.
Music credit goes to Vinnie Paz: End of Days
Music credit goes to Retrospek: Chem Trails

Post time: 09-30-2016