This simple but amazing project (as seen in Make Magazine: is able to not only levitate aluminum rings but also shoot them skyward! One of the things that seems mysterious to many people is that while it is based on electromagnetism it works best on a non-magnetic metal such as aluminum! I’ll show you step by step on how to build this cool contraption yourself! by Tom Fox,

SAFETY WARNING: Use caution when using this Electromagnetic Aluminum Levitator indoors and outdoors during drought. Keep away from children. Do not keep the levitator on for more than 5 seconds, and keep away from anything flammable to avoid burns and risk of fire. Notice: I shall not be held liable for any damages incurred with this project or any project on the Cool Contraption channel. Please use common sense when working with this project!

Part sources suggestions.
3/4″ steel rod – Amazon (, local welding shop, tractor supply, hardware store.
26 gauge copper magnet wire – Amazon. Allelectronics, Jameco,
Fuse holders – Amazon, Jameco, Digikey, locale auto or hardware store
Fuses – Amazon, Jameco, Digikey, local auto or hardware store
Hose clamps – Hardware store
Three prong plug with cord – Cut it off an old appliance, hardware store
Aluminum tubing for rings – Amazon, hardware store, old aluminum tool handles

Music Credits:
Kevin MacLeod “Presenterator”


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Disclaimer: This is my original video and project, everything is done by me, Tom Fox with the exception of the music which has been licensed to me via Creative Commons.

Post time: 11-01-2016