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Aluminum PVC Belt Conveyor in Aluminum Frame is widely applied in light industry,food,medicine and daily chemical industries.The conveyor can be equipped with working tables on both sides.With optional lights,air tubes,tool hooks,operation boards,instrument desks and sockets,it can act as various assembly lines.

The advantages of Aluminum PVC belt conveyors are:large and stable distribution,little noise,simple structure,easy maintenance and low energy cost.Meanwhile,it can be customized in different specifications,materials,load capacity and other special functions.

Additional Manufacturing Options include:
Mobile Frame
Side Guide(fixed and adjustable)
PEC Sensors
Start/Stop Boxes
Variable Speed Boxes
Emergency Stops
Technical Parameters



Belt Width:300-1000mm

Belt Type:flat smooth PVC belt

Frame and Legs:Aluminum

Variable Speed:10-20m/min(as standard)

Motor Power:0.4/0.75/1.5/2.2kw

Load Capacity:10-50kg/m

Post time: 11-12-2017