Technical process from aerosol filling capping packaging production line aerosol packing with Water Leak Detection Systems :
Unscramble → filling, sealing, gasing → water bath inspection → packing platform
A. Tray type unscrambler
This machine can unscramble the unorderly plastic bottle or glass bottle to the convey belt, it’s the necessary parts of full automatic filling.
B. Automatic aerosol filling, sealing and gasing machine
This machine use “cam” graduation and chain driving to ensure the stability and accuracy. All the action in the filling and cap rotating: bottle feeding, filling, cap adding, sealing, gasing, bottle discharging are equipped the photoelectricity to automatic follow, inspect, control. No bottle, no liquid, bottle falling will all make the machine stop. If you want to change the bottle shape, only the star wheel need to be changed.
(1) Filling:
The filling head is designed as two heads (can be designed according to the capacity) to meet the necessary. The filling use self-absorbing filling. The filling quantity is controlled by two dosage pumps that are in the filling parts. The measurement is accuracy, the filling is stable and the speed is fast, it suits big batch producing. When the bottle are conveyed to filling by the convey belt, the star wheel will turn the bottles to the electromagnetic detector in the filling work position to detect and fill. The filling heads are equipped with flow cut valve, when the filling is over, the absorb device in the filling heads will absorb the liquid back, it can solve the dropping problems effectively.
(2) sealing
Automatic cap adding device: this machine use electromagnetism vibrating hopper to vibrate the cap to the special tunnel, then to the cap adding device to the bottle mouse.
The sealing head of the sealing system can be designed according to he cap shape, it can flex freely, won’t damage the cap.
(3) Gasing
After the filling and sealing, when the bottle are put onto the gasing work position, the gasing head will be pressed to gas automatically.
C. Suspend type water bath inspection machine
It is for inspect the aerosol product, it is not limited by the tank material. The inspection capacity is 50~75 tanks/min, can make 100% continuous inspection to the product. Its inspection principle is: the suspending chain take the aerosol tank to the hot water tank that is about 50°C. The pressure in the tank will rise during 3 minutes dipping in the hot water (the capacity is 50 tanks/min), several tank whose pressure proof performance is worse will leak, transform or burst, so they will be eliminated to ensure the products are safe for storage, transporting and using. This machine is important to enlarge the aerosol product market.
D. PLC control
The system that can control the single machine or the whole line, it is controlled by PLC, the alarm device can be set.
E. Packing platform
This platform is mainly for the packing of the product, it is made of S.S 304, the surface is polished, it’s the necessary part of the whole line.
F. Convey belt
It the convey device of the whole line
Technical parameter of aerosol filling capping packaging production line aerosol packing with Water Leak Detection Systems :
Valve size Φ11~Φ25.4
Tank size Φ12-Φ50
Capacity 2500-3000 tanks/h
Propellant quantity 250 ml
Leakage rate of sealing ≤1%
Inspect speed 0~100 tanks/min (step-less adjustable)
Flume volume 1.8M3
Electricity heating power 33KW
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Post time: 09-15-2016