This is the second edition of the 3 part series on 1 color halftones by Catspit Productions. In this screenprinting tutorial video we take a look at burning 2 screens with halftone designs in 1 color. Here you will follow along as Jonathan places the film positives and exposes the screens in his exposure unit. Then you see the washout and some close ups of the test prints. This is a thorough series with specific instructions for creating halftone screen printed images and designs. Make sure to watch the first edition to see how the artwork is made and how the film positives are printed out. Then stay tuned for the final edition of the series where we will talk about manually printing 1 color halftones on a manual rotary screen printing press. In that video you get to see full shots of the finished product. So come along on another fantastic screenprinting voyage with Jonathan and Catspit Productions, LLC. If you’re interested in learning how to screen print then you will certainly want to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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